Cipro: la nazionale con più vittorie consecutive cerca allenatore

Le striscia aperta di 17 vittorie consecutive degli All Blacks? Non è nulla in confronta alla nazionale di rugby di Cipro. I mufloni (come sono soprannominati) se non ci siamo persi qualcosa sono arrivati a 22 vittorie consecutive, sebbene alcune di questi match non siano riconosciuti dall’IRB (e sebbene non giochino contro All Blacks & Company). Ora però la federazione è alla ricerca di un nuovo head coach per la nazionale. Nel caso qualcuno fosse interessato, riportiamo anche le indicazioni date dalla federazione con il profilo ideale del candidato e le modalità di candidatura:

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Leadership, coaching and mentoring of the National Senior XV squad.
  • Creating a competitive playing and coaching environment.
  • Provision of technical input to all aspects of coaching.
  • Selection of teams to compete in “Rugby Europe” (FIRA AER)and associated competitions.
  • Identify potential players for the National Senior XV and other representative teams.
  • Develop a key relationship with the Director of Rugby to ensure implementation of higher level playing and coaching strategies.
  • Plan, implement and review specialist coaching requirements for the team.
  • Assure the highest level of performance analysis to review and preview all individual and team performances, including wherever possible opposition teams.
  • Establish and develop positive relationships with all stakeholders (Committee, management and coaching staff).
  • Together with the CRF Director of Rugby, be responsible for the appointment of coaches or staff appointments within the National Senior XV.
  • Be fully committed to a programme of rugby related Continuous Personal Development (CPD).
  • Be an ambassador for, and promote the best interests of, the CRF at all times.

Qualifications and experience:

Applicants must have an outstanding knowledge of the 15-a-side game with playing experience at a higher level being beneficial; experience of leading and coaching a team at a high performance level and possess a highly developed personal coaching philosophy.

Minimum coaching level required – IRB Level 2 or equivalent, IRB Level 3 desirable.

Knowledge of the CRF and its operations is desirable.

The successful candidate should have exceptional leadership abilities combined with passion, confidence and a proven track record of performance coaching.

Time requirements

The candidate must be available for minimum 24 days per season broken down as follows:

  • 2 Home games (Cyprus) = 8 days
  • 2 Away games = 8 days
  • 4 Training sessions in the UK = 4 days
  • Minimum 2 trips to Cyprus to evaluate on island players = 4 days

Remuneration Package:

All applicants must note that this is not a paid position, travel and accommodation expenses covered ONLY.

Closing date for applications is July 15th 2014.

Candidates must submit a CV within the deadline, outlining and documenting their qualifications and experience to the following email:

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